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Hammer responded with The Vampire Lovers in which was a huge hit for them. The success of that film prompted two more sequels and this film.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

While not a vampire, the Countess does prey on young girls for their blood in a vain attempt at looks and immortality. Shane Hnetka spends most of his life watching movies and reading comic books, using his vast knowledge of genre culture for evil instead of good. View all posts by Shane Hnetka.

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Malahide Castle: Five go ghost hunting in haunted Dublin. Fire-gazing folklore: A guide seeing through the flames.

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All Film Reviews. And not, I hasten to add, in a good way. Silly hats abound in this part of the world, everyone has a go with one. We're then treated to the first but not the last, oh no crash-zoom onto the merry widow Pitt and the titles blare out. We then get the usual scene that Hammer used to show someone was a "bad person" - the gay abandon with which her coach and horses return to her castle, running over peasants without a care in the world.

Countess Dracula

At the will reading it turns out that Pitt's late husband has had the last laugh - the knob on the horse with the silly hat has been left with the horses and the stables. Pitt gets the rest of the fortune, but must share it with her daughter. No-one is particularly happy with the will, except for said knob. His name is Tote, and as well as his predilection for bad hats, it appears he: 1. Has forgotten how to speak English, and spends the rest of the film dubbed as does Pitt, and, it appears, most of the rest of the cast ; 2.

Has been cursed with a wonky moustache; 3.

Trailer: "Countess Dracula" Ingrid Pitt

Hasn't had much luck with his hair, either; 4. Got dressed in the dark. But I digress.

Countess Dracula [BLU-RAY]

Pitt, who up to this point has been coated with not-very-convincing old age make-up, accidentally splashes a virgin's blood on her face and realises that - bingo - she suddenly looks 20 years younger. The next morning her faithful guard and lover Dobie, greeted with a far more ravishing prospective shag than the previous night, wonders what Pitt's daughter is going to say when she arrives tomorrow to find her mother looks younger than her. Cue daughter's kidnapping complete with dubbed on voice track of ineffectual "Ah!