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The findings create awareness of the roles of women leaders, strengthen women leadership and emphasise the need for leadership training taking the systems psychodynamic perspective into account. These demands create new unconscious dynamics within the context of diversity markers, such as race, age and gender in organisations. A deeper exploration of these dynamics provides new insights into aspects of social defences, oedipal struggles, object relations and the roles of women leaders in organisations.

A 'Derailed' Agenda? This study assesses the experiences of workplace transformation of eleven Black women leaders wor The theoretical background is based in intersectional theories, also providing contextual informati on. Interviews were analysed through content analysis.

Findings show a strong commitment of women leaders to transforming their workplaces. Their testimonies point in to the prevalence of gendered and racially biased experiences of Black women leaders in past and present. Their narratives include an account of their transformative vision including consciousness, awareness and positive attitudes, and transformative practices, such as networking and social support. Chinese managers experience the cooperation with Tanzanian employees as challenging and conflictu Cooperation difficulties are mainly found with regard to organisational strategy, and planning decision-making processes, concepts of participation, leadership styles, qualification and training, operational processes, recruitment, work conditions, and motivation.

The objective of this Special Issue is to explore the concepts of stress and coping resources and These theories suggest that their main concepts, namely, several ways of coping, hope, personal and collective sense of coherence, and others, are universal and, therefore, predict that, in all cultures, they could be considered as potential protectors against stress. However, to date, the studies with non-western population have revealed ambiguous results.

Thus, in this Special Issue we aim to address these concerns comprehensively by inviting researchers from around the world to present their studies based on special research methods and mixed research methods. There researches will enable a fundamental understanding of positive adaptation in stressful and in conflictual situations in various cultural and ethnic groups and contexts around the world. Cfp -The meaning of shame revisited in cultures of the 4IR. It envisions to reflect on the state of the art of shame and its meaning in the 4IR from theoretical, conceptual and empirical perspectives.

Interdisciplinary and international contributions are encouraged and very welcome. Kindly send us kindly inform us of your intent by return of email to Claude claudemayer gmx. The first draft chapter contribution for peer review is due on 1 January We are looking forward to your response.

We are looking forward to further cooperation. The book is envisioned as a primary reference in research, studies and concepts on humour from transdisciplinary, cultural and transcultural perspectives. The aim of this book is to synthesize empirical-research-based and theoretical perspectives on humour in cultural contexts and across cultures in order to provide a comprehensible strength-based perspective on contemporary research and practice - which will be accessible to researchers and practicing professionals internationally.

Dear colleagues, You are cordially invited to submit a chapter proposal for the book project: "Ha The book is envisioned as a primary reference in research, studies and concepts on love from transdisciplinary, cultural and transcultural perspectives. In this handbook, it is envisioned to reflect on the state of the art of love, classical, modern and postmodern approaches to the concept of love, new trends and directions in love research, theory building and research methodology.

In the book, the editors and authors provide researchers, lecturers and students with and overview and new insights into scientific work on love. The handbook will provide a broad and at the same time in-depth insight into the topic of love in cultural contexts inter-, cross- and transcultural and give new insights for practitioners e. In this book, we would like to expand the previous perspectives and explore topics around love from new cultural, intercultural and transcultural perspectives across disciplines to provide new insights into love concepts and their changes and developments in specific cultural contexts.

We would like to hear the voices of different cultural perspectives and include postmodern aspects with regard to love and love relationships, such as digitalisation, globalisation and the fourth revolution. We do not only want to see love in terms of the universal concept and private, intimate relationships, but apply a broad concept of love which can also, for example, be referred to in the postmodern workplaces.

The handbook will comprise - but is not limited to - topics, such as: 1.

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Love in cultural and transcultural contexts 2. Love relationships across cultures 3. Love and other emotions, such as happiness, shame, anger, fear, disgust, envy etc. Love from different disciplinary and cultural perspectives 5. New theoretical and methodological approaches to research and explore love 6. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods studies to study love 7. The impact of love on relationships 8. Concepts of love, e. The influence of globalisation and digitalisation on love and love concepts Love communication in the digital era whatsapp, sms, online, long distance etc.

The change of love concepts over time in specific cultural contexts and across cultural contexts Love, gender, gender roles Love: about mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles Love and aging, love and age differences Love across the life span, case studies and biographical descriptions of change of love concepts The concept of love and its practice marriage, love relationships etc.

Love, conflict and conflict transformation Love and LGBT in the context of cultures and transcultures Love in urban and rural settings The influence of religion and love and its realisation The art of living love Expressions of love Symbols of love What nurtures love, what destroys it?

The choice of love partners in cultural perspectives Love in subcultures, youth love culture, minority and majority love cultures Love and power Love, spiritual practice, transformation Love and diversity Love in the context of work, work places and organisations Love, special needs, and giftedness Love and health: toxic and healthy love? Love as a health resource across cultures Love archetypes Love, conscious and unconscious behaviour Love in exile and other extraordinary circumstances vacations, refugee, prisons Guidelines for contributions This book is an advanced handbook for both undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, lecturers and leaders across disciplines, as well as for practitioners social work, counselling, therapy with interest in love and relationships.

Submissions should be written in a jargon-free style to allow for extensive readership. The book's scheme is open-ended and inclusive to accommodate diverse approaches - filled with innovation and creativity - to move the discipline forward. Submitted chapters should exclusively be prepared for the present book. Please submit your abstract max. Revised chapter submission: 1 September Publication of book in January Dear colleagues, You are cordially invited to submit a chapter proposal for a textbook on "New tr August , Bielefeld Kielholz, P.

Oldenburg Meyenberg, R. Hannover Silbereisen, R. Albert Schweitzer Musiker, Theologe, Philosoph, 43 1. Lern- und sozialisationstheoretische Auffassungen zur Aggression Dimensionen von Gewalt Stufen der Gewalt Analyse der Problembereiche Gewalt muss jedoch nicht an Personen gebunden sein. Tewes , S.

Damit geht stets der Aspekt der Abwertung bzw. Manchmal kommen potentielle Opfer auch aus Familien mit betont gewaltsensiblen bzw. Direkte, bzw. Wie Studien gezeigt haben, stehen Frauen, die in ihrer Schulzeit gemobbt wurden, vom Selbstbewusstsein her, in keiner Hinsicht anderen Frauen nach.

Sichtet man Studien der vergangenen Jahre ergibt sich insgesamt kein einheitliches Bild. Einige Untersuchungen kommen zu dem Schluss, dass Gewalt leicht zugenommen hat Tillmann, Kaum etwas deutet jedoch auf eine dramatische allgemeine Zunahme von Gewalt im Schulbereich hin. Fuchs et al, , S. Triebtheorien Triebtheorien gehen davon aus, dass Aggression eine angeborene Disposition im Individuum ist.

In Freuds Theorie hat Aggression zu jeder Phase eine wichtige Rolle gespielt, eine besonders starke aber in seiner letzten Schaffensphase, als er - wohl nicht zuletzt unter dem Eindruck des Ersten Weltkriegs - in Form des Todestriebs Thanatos explizit einen eigenen Trieb zur Aggression postulierte.

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Die Energie des Thanatos richtet sich nicht nur gegen andere, sondern auch gegen sich selbst. Eine andere wichtige Triebtheorie ist die von Konrad Lorenz. Nach der Vorstellung von Dollard, L. Doob, N. Miller, Mowerer und Sears ist Aggression eine Verhaltenssequenz, deren Zielreaktion die Verletzung einer Person ist, gegen die sie gerichtet ist. Aggression ist nicht etwa ein angeborener Trieb, sondern steht in enger Beziehung zu "Frustration". Immer wenn eine Person frustriert worden ist, wird sie mit einer aggressiven Verhaltensweise reagieren, d.

Aggressionen werden, wie fast alle komplizierten menschlichen Verhaltensweisen, erlernt z. Gleichzeitig verfolgen sie jeden Schritt kontrollierend per Handy. Das kann z.