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Catholics, Protestants, and the Dissemination of Ideas in Early Modern Germany
  1. Werner Schroeter
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  4. Gebetswoche für die Einheit der Christen
  5. Chapter One. Catholic Preaching And The German Reformation? Postils And Their Production, 1520–1535

Aristoteles ist wohl der bedeutenste Philosoph und Naturforscher des Abendlandes, sicher aber derjenige mit der weitreichendsten Nachwirkung.. So war sein universales Werk eine der wichtigsten Grundlagen der mittelalterlichen Scholastik von Thomas von Aquin.. Aristotle is perhaps the most significant philosopher and scientist of the West, but certainly the one with the most far-reaching aftereffects.. Such was his universal work of one of the most important foundations of medieval scholasticism of Thomas Aquinas..

One day his freind Thomas Aquinas offered him a big library with all the contemporary knowledge.. Mitglieder, die Mathieu d' Aquin in ihrer Kontaktliste haben. Giovanni di Fidanza , war der achte Ordensgeneral der Friars Minor — gemeinhin als Franziskaner bekannt.. Giovanni di Fidanza was the 8th minister general of the order of Friars Minor — better known as Franciscans.. He was an middle age scholastic theologian and philosopher, a contemporary of Saint Thomas Aquinas , and archbishop of Albano.. Machen wir uns die Worte des hl. Thomas von Aquin zueigen:. A setting of a hymn for the blessed sacrament by Thomas von Aquin written in the popular classic-romantic style..

People of the Middle Ages already thought of our planet as a globe, depicted by nearly all medieval illustrations that show Jesus Christ with a sphere in his hand - as a symbol for the earth.. Also prominent theologians like Albertus Magnus or Thomas of Aquin shared this assumption.. When Nikolaus Kopernikus removed our earth from the centre of the universe much later on, he relied on a medieval scientist named Johannes de Sacrobosco.. People of the Middle Ages already thought of our planet as a globe - depicted by almost all medieval illustrations which show Jesus Christ with a sphere in his hand as a symbol for the earth..

Also prominent theologians like Albertus Magnus or Thomas Aquinas shared this assumption.. When Nicolaus Copernicus removed our earth from the centre of the universe much later on, he relied on a medieval scientist named Johannes de Sacrobosco.. This exhibition of French conceptual jewellery artist Emmanuel Lacoste presents a humorous view on the seven deadly sins defined by Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century, which have been characterized as passions leading people into temptation..

I still can travel between the worlds, but I have to leave my physical body for this.. Most interesting are the ideas early mystics wrote down on angels, as for example Dionysios Areopagita, Thomas of Aquin and Hildegard of Bingen.. These ancient philosophers and mystics had some really interesting insights Matthew Fox and Rupert Sheldrake summarized and discussed in their book " The Physics of Angels..

Genmanipulation, Drogenkonsum, Umweltverschmutzung, soziale Benachteiligung, etc.. Influenced by these events, Emmanuel Lacoste developed an interest in examining the original and outdated list of sins with a hint of mild irony..

Werner Schroeter

Ihre Quantisierbarkeit haben sie mit den Photonen gemeinsam, aber auch ihre Alterslosigkeit, Masselosigkeit und ihre Bewegungsweise.. Vermutlich hatte Thomas von Aquin weitaus tiefere Einblicke in die kosmische Wirklichkeit als es heute angenommen wird.. This they share with the light-quants, the photons, but also their relative age-lessness, lack of physical matter and their movement in space..

It seems that Thomas of Aquin had deeper insights into the cosmic laws and reality as it is asumed today.. The angels are similar to physical fields as several angels can be at the same place at once - as it is the case with fields like the gravity-fields or electromagnetic-fields and so on that share all the same space but have different effects.. The University of Cologne was founded in as the fourth insti- tute for higher learning in the German Empire.. The fore-runner was Al- bertus Magnus with his general studies "studi- um generale" , who was the master and teacher of Thomas Aquinas..

Thomas von Aquin und verleihe ihnen die Kraft Apostolischen Rechts.. Therefore, with knowledge and mature deliberation, and the fullness of my Apostolic authority, by virtue of this Letter I approve in perpetuum the Statutes of the Pontifical Academy of St Thomas Aquinas , duly drawn up and newly revised, granting them the force of Apostolic approval.. Thomas von Aquin zum Ausdruck, deren zeitlose Neuigkeit ich dadurch anerkenne vgl.

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In my recent Encyclical Letter Fides et ratio, I put great importance on the dialogue between theology and philosophy and clearly expressed my appreciation of the thought of St Thomas Aquinas , recognizing its enduring originality cf. Es findet sich schon bei Thomas von Aquin. The kind of thinking which maintains that a Higher Power can be trusted to fix everything if only the government will keep out, has a tradition reaching back for centuries.. It is already found in the writings of St. Thomas, where the Higher Power was the " Good Lord "..

Internationalen Thomistischen Kongresses, September , in:. Ein Jahrhundert galt sie als Standardwerk, noch von Matthias J. Das zweite, das dritte und vierte Konzil von Konstantinopel und das zweite Konzil von Nizza. Und das ist wichtig, weil sie Honorius I. Most importantly, Mr. Villasana has functioned as the advisor to the secretary on the external relations between Mexico and the Vatican. Our below translation to English was completed in April of Mr.


The underlined headers below are the only words that come from us at TCP. The following is our best translation of Mr. For me as a theologian, it is easy to say, due the fact I have knowledge of canon law, as well as having certain direct contacts that I, your servant, have in the Vatican such as Fr. Paul Kramer, world expert in Fatima who lives in Ireland the following: Immediately when the [Papal] renunciation and the [next] election happened, I had obtained the precise dates about how [Pope] Benedict XVI had been obliged to renounce [the Chair of Peter.

When Paolo Gabriele was arrested for this accusation, at the same time, it was published in three daily Italian newspapers whereupon an anonymous person said that the butler, Paolo Gabriele, was a scapegoat. He has a higher rank and gathers them. Sodano is without a doubt this sinister personage who had forwarded the documents. One of these three documents was a direct death-threat against Pope Benedict XVI coming from a monsignor in Palermo who also made it known in Germany that no one was to interfere with this.

It was made known that in no more than one year, we would poison you [the Pope. These three cardinals worked throughout six months and delivered on 17 December the result with over pages which contained the findings of their investigation. And in few words, they tell him, the threat is real.

They are going to assassinate you, they are going to poison you, in no more than a year. This was on the 17 December I had a direct contact [in the Vatican] who confirmed this the next day. This is more evidence that he had made such decision based on confirmation of a death threat. Then came even stronger threats such as a threat of schism.

Gebetswoche für die Einheit der Christen

At least he delayed the schism, something, which had never come about in the history of the Church sic. And so, we could go on with many other proofs. I have published five or six proofs of a coercion to resign. Now, in canon law, when an act is flawed with fear, pressure or deception, the human act is in itself invalid, as occurs within marriage. Why does the Church sometimes grant nullity? That is, it was not an act of the free will.

Therefore, this marriage never existed. Much later, that is today, proof is no longer needed.

Sein Name war Franziskus - Trailer [HD] Deutsch / German

No more proof of this kind is needed. This club-mafia which gathered in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland had as its main objective to impede Joseph Ratzinger from reaching the papacy, and that if this came about after they had worked against it, once he would come to be [Pope Benedict XVI], they would see how to force him to resign and to find how to elevate Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the papacy.

This is what happened with that fortunate book written by Cardinal Godfried Danneels.

Chapter One. Catholic Preaching And The German Reformation? Postils And Their Production, 1520–1535

We no longer need to go on bringing up whether they were going to threaten him [Benedict XVI], whether they were going to poison him. It is true that he was forced to resign. An Invalid Conclave. Furthermore, there is something even more serious, namely, that in the apostolic constitution Universii Dominicii Gregis the one which regulates apostolic succession in conclaves , it establishes very clearly that if a Cardinal lobbies in favor of another Cardinal, that Cardinal is excommunicated ex latae sententiae.

What does this mean? This means he excommunicates himself without a necessary declaration from anyone. In that very moment in which they commit their act of lobbying, as well as the Cardinal who illegitimately receives such lobbying in his favor, all are excommunicated.