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  1. Feuer am Horizont (by Helene Fischer) Song Lyrics Translation And Grammar Analysis
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Horn on the stage, nearer, but still distant. Gunther and Hagen listen.

Feuer am Horizont (by Helene Fischer) Song Lyrics Translation And Grammar Analysis

A horn from the Rhine I hear. Hagen looks down the river, and calls toward the back. Hagen On board a vessel man and horse! He blows so gaily the horn! Horn on the stage, nearer.

EPub Kein Feuer brennt so heiß (German Edition)

Gunther stops halfway, listening. With an easy stroke, as from indolent hand, he drives the boat fast thro' the waves: so mighty an arm only one can own; his it must be who the dragon slew. Siegfried is it, surely none other!

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Gunther Den Helden, dess' du verlang'st, bindet er liebend an dich. Gunther lebhaft auffahrend Gepriesen sei Grimhild', die uns den Bruder gab! Ein Horn auf dem Theater, aus dem Hintergrunde von links her, sehr stark, aber fern. Hagen lauscht. Er wendet sich zu Gunther.

Gunther und Hagen lauschen. Siegfried ist es, sicher kein Andrer! Gunther Come he to us? Hagen calls toward the river through his hollowed hands. Hagen Hoiho! Whom seek'st thou, hero blithe? Siegfried from the distance The stalwart son of Gibich. Hagen His hall awaits thee with welcome here. Siegfried appears at the shore in a boat.

Here come to land! Jagt er vorbei? Wohin du heitrer Held? Siegfried aus der Ferne Zu Gibichs starkem Sohne. Hagen Zu seiner Halle entbiet' ich dich.

Get PDF Kein Feuer, das nicht brennt (German Edition)

Siegfried erscheint im Kahn am Ufer. Hier lege an! Scene Two Siegfried brings his boat to the shore. Hagen Hail! Hagen makes the boat fast to the shore with the chain. Siegfried springs on shore with his horse. Siegfried, hero, hail!

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Gunther has come to Hagen on the riverbank. Gutrune looks from the throne in astonishment at Sieg fried. Gunther prepares to offer friendly greet ings.

In dir muss brennen, was du in anderen entzünden willst

All are fixed in mute contemplation of each other. Siegfried leaning on his horse, remains standing by the boat Who is Gibich's son? Gunther Gunther, I, whom thou seek'st.

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Siegfried Far on the Rhine thy fame hath spread: now fight with me, or be my friend! Gunther Come in peace! Be thou welcome! Siegfried Where resteth my horse? Hagen Mine be his charge. Siegfried turning to Hagen Thou call'st me Siegfried: met we ere now? Hagen I knew by thy might who thou must be. Zweite Scene Siegfried legt mit dem Kahne an. Hagen Heil!

Siegfried, theurer Held! Gunther ist zu Hagen an das Ufer getreten. Gutrune blickt vom Hochsitze aus in staunender Bewunderung auf Siegfried. Alle sind in gegenseitiger stum- mer Betrachtung gefesselt.

Gunther Gunther, ich, den du suchs't. Gunther Lass' den Kampf! Sei willkommen! Hagen Ich biet' ihm Rast. Siegfried zu Hagen gewendet Du rief'st mich Siegfried: sah'st du mich schon?

Hagen Ich kannte dich nur an deiner Kraft. Siegfried as he gives the horse to Hagen Tend Grane right gently: of nobler strain thy hand never held by bridle a steed. Hagen leads the horse away. While Siegfried looks thoughtfully after him, Gutrune, guided by a gesture of Hagen's which is unseen by Siegfried, goes out through a door on the left leading to her room. Gunther comes to the front with Siegfried, whom he invites to accom pany him. Gunther O hero, gladly greet the halls where dwelt my fathers.

Where'er thou standest, whate'er thou seest, my goods I freely grant thee; thine is my birthright, folk and land: pledge of troth be my lifeblood! Henceforth am I thine own. Yet a sword blade have I forged me: pledge of troth be my weapon! That with my life give I thee. Mich selbst geb' ich zum Mann. Nur ein Schwert hab' ich, selbst geschmiedet: hilf mein Schwert meinem Eide! Das biet' ich mit mir zum Bund.