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I truly find it to be a superb car, diesel engine pulls like a rocket but is more quiet and smooth than many petrol engine cars I've been in.

Get out on the motorway, select cruise and settle down to a nice long drive in comfort and silence. One very happy customer. The car whilst quite easy to drive lacks feel through the steering which is best described as numb. It is a comfortable and quiet long distance cruiser, however it can be a problem to park in the city due to its size.

I am disabled and use hand controls. I also need a large boot to keep my small electric scooter. This is the only car that fits my needs, but it is high on petrol costs. Pneumatic suspension has failed twice. Parts expensive. Car is great and good value - I found Citroen UK after sales and service support to be poor and the only reason why I would hesitate to buy a Citroen in the future.

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Has not ever failed to start. Tyres are expensive wiper blades also sevicing could be better.

Picasso and Einstein Got the Picture

Only had one issue in past year with self levelling suspension. Good on fuel. Brilliant car does everything said on the tin and more plus great service from evans halshaw mansfield where i bought it from. More economicalease of driving the choice between manual and auto. Economy is out of the roofspare parts are cheap.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Loads of space, poor ride quality, double clutch gearbox very crude.


The engine is still pushing when you are trying to break and when you want to accelerate from a junction or roundabout it limits the power and can cause some very hairy moments. I bought the car for the semi-auto but find the whole set up infuriating. Really pleased with this car, my wife is disabled and the car meets all our requirements from ease of use to flexibility being able to get a mobility scooter in the car. Electrics the main issue, all minor but sorted very soon after contacting the garage. Apart from fuel it has only the service which came within the lease.

As I should expect from a car with only miles on the clock. As the car has only done miles, I expect the fuel cost to go down. My Car is: Stylish, comfortable, easy to handle, a large boot and 7 airbags these are all points I look for when buying another car. It gets me from A to B and hasn't let me down, I have had Citroens for over 30 years and still like them. keyword or function not working in Android Studio April 2019

According to owners in our Driver Power survey, buying the latest C4 Picasso is a calculated risk. Overall it ranks well in its debut Driver Power year, placing 77th, but brilliant seat comfort, ride quality and practicality sit in stark contrast to reliability and build quality issues. The C4 Picasso certainly gives foundation to Citroen stereotypes, according to our survey results.

I love the shape, the ride and the practicality. If we had gone for a manual or a traditional automatic - maybe this would be a 'great' car - but, unfortunately it's quite the opposite. We bought the 2. After 8 months it developed a terrible juddering when changing from 1st to 2nd and a power delay when pulling away at roundabouts and junctions.

It has been back over 6 times to the dealer and each time they improve the problem with software upgrades and and replacement clutch components - but every time it comes back. It has also been back to the dealer for leaking coolant, failed sensors which convince the car it is overheating when it's only just been started up computer limits power to save engine - so you're stuck and the washer pump fuse for front and back continually blows.

I was impressed with it until the problems started and, to be fair, the dealer have been very helpful - but you don't expect these kind of problems with a new car. As a result, I will never buy a Citroen again. Never had any major problems with the car the only serious problem I had was with the hydraulic auto level on the boot fail apart from that it has been reliable. Absolutely fantastic.

Pablo Picasso Quotes

Is economical- 47mpg in mix of m-way and driving in rush hour bristol every day very anti car city- lots of pointless bus lanes without the service to use them. Very poor mpg compared to other cars in its class.


Car has been very reliable other than occasional electronic faults which usually clear after a short time. Running costs are fine other than tyres, which seem to wear out more quickly than I would have expected. No Real issues, but my ABS pick up Ring that caused the brake problem was annoying, as the new part sent to garage was also faulty. An excellent vehicle so far , big improvement on the Zafir it replaced. Ride quality, build quality and visability Excellent. Some odd features that took a little getting use too, but overall very satisfied. Took 8 weeks to source repair, car off road in that time.

Overall good, no breakdown since week 1 of ownership. High tyre replacement, brake pads, discs needed at 35k. It performs well, good comfort on long drive,fuel consumption for a large car is very good. Only done mls. Problem intermittant and in dealer 3 times before diagnosed. No problems as such ,jerky in 1st and reverse gears when cold,and a few recalls so far.

Citroen seem above average for parts and labour. No problems , only had to have new dics and pads on the front. Its french what more do I need to say!! It appears to be as expected, normal servicing costs, mot, tax is reasonably low. It seems to be very reliable and I have had no issues what so ever.


I get around 50mg per gallon which seems very good. Transmission failure twice, clutch replaced twice, 12 software upgrades, 7 weeks to get parts. Not good on petrol. Extremely versatile with few compromises. Efficient in design and running. Perfectly reliable to date. All rights reserved. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter.