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Ch 7, dc in the 2nd chain from your hook, dc in the next, htr in the next 2, tr in the next and put 5 x tr in the last ch, turning your work as you go.

Step-5 [ tr x 1, htr x 2, dc x 2 ]: Finish off and leave a long tail. Step-6 To attach the ears flatten the bag and place the ears at the top edges. Once secure make a knot and pull tight. Weave an inch or two of the tail along the back of the bag and cut the yarn. Step-7 Horn: Using your contrasting colour ch 6 but leave a long tail before the slip knot you will use it later to sew the horn in place 1. Dc in the 2nd ch and each ch across, ch 1 turn 5 2. Step-8 4. Step-9 8 [ dc x 1 ] Finish off and weave in end using your hook.

Step Use your hook to attach the horn to the front of the bag 2 rows down from the top and in the middle. Secure and weave in the end.

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Step To make the eyes take some regular black yarn and your tapestry needle. Fold the yarn in half and thread onto your needle so that the folded end is the longer end. Insert the needle at the top of row 11 and bring through at the top of row 9 keeping hold of the folded end. Put the needle through the loop and pull tight to secure the yarn. The Case is Altered. Jacques's film, made before he went to Hollywood, seems "hoiked out of" pulled roughly from the Ufa tradition of German expressionism, and the Consul's description burlesques some of the cinematic advances taking place during the s.

The sequence in the Volcano was related to Laruelle's cinema dream in Chapter I, but this gave way to the conception of the entire book to follow as his construction. Many of these details, only slightly modified, appear in Shelley's 'Alastor' [see Although Henry Morton Stanley of Livingstone fame had written a popular book of that name about his expedition into the heart of the Congo to rescue the Emir Pasha, this reference is probably to Through Darkest Africa: In Search of White Rhinoceros , a travelogue by Harry K.

Eustace, featuring himself, his wife, various animals - and the white rhinoceros. Corinne Griffith? Her productions are invariably love-romances, with entanglements and happy endings. The film with a swan has not been identified, although one of Griffith's first films was titled La Paloma [see Manuscript variants suggest the "last shot" or a "fade out" at the end of an "ancient" or "early" film. In Shelley's 'Alastor' [], the poet, "upon the lone Chorasmian shore", sees the swan rise high at his approach and, watching it fly, sees its flight home as an emblem of his soul's desire for its true rest.

Sarah Bernhardt , French actress and the most celebrated tragedienne of her time. Her performances in these do scant justice to her reputation as an actress. The Rite of Spring , a revolutionary ballet written for Diaghilev by Igor Stravinsky , the first production of which caused a furore in Paris in the narrator's father in 'Forest Path' [] played the French horn in that performance.

A primeval account of the death and rebirth of nature in a tremendously immediate and emphatic manner, it is marked by rhythmical energy, strikingly fierce thematic material and sheer virtuosity of orchestration. Ironically, it is best-known in the movies from Walt Disney's Fantasia. Brand names of golf balls: the Zodiac Zone , described in October Ferry [] as "an antique long-lost golf ball of forgotten make", was one of the first rubber-cored balls to become available in ; the Silver King, used in The Clicking of Cuthbert [see A blind hole is where the approach to the green is obstructed, so that the flag cannot be seen.

Wilt thou forgive that sinne where I begunne, Which was my sin, though it were done before? Wilt thou forgive that sinne; through which I runne, And do run still: though still I do deplore? Wilt thou forgive that sinne which I have wonne Others to sinne? Wilt thou forgive that sinne which I did shunne A year, or two; but wallowed in, a score?

Lowry told Clemens ten Holder [23 April ; CL 2, ] that "Unreplaced turf is almost equivalent to an unexpiated sin. Percy Bysshe Shelley , poet and composer of numerous lyrics, odes, and poetic dramas, among which the Consul refers to 'Alastor' [see His Prometheus Unbound represents for the Consul his own great battle. I was bathing one day in a deep pool in the Arno, and astonished the Poet by performing a series of aquatic gymnastics, which I had learnt from the natives of the South Seas.

On my coming out, while dressing, Shelley said mournfully, "Why can't I swim? It seems so very easy. I answered, "Because you think you can't. If you determine, you will; take a header off this bank, and when you rise turn on your back, you will float like a duck; but you must reverse the arch in your spine, for it's now bent the wrong way. He doffed his jacket and trousers, kicked off his shoes and socks, and plunged in; and there he lay stretched out on the bottom like a conger eel not making the least effort or struggle to save himself. He would have been drowned if I had not instantly fished him out.

When he recovered his breath, he said,. In another minute I should have found it, and you would have found an empty shell. It is an easy way of getting rid of the body. This episode took place not in the sea but in a pool of the river Arno, and there is no mention of the books. The Consul has associated the scene which as Trelawney points out, reflects Shelley's strong death-wish with Shelley's actual death by drowning a little later. After Shelley's boat, the Don Juan was swamped perhaps rammed in a storm after leaving Leghorn 8 July , Trelawney identified Shelley's corpse by the volumes of Aeschylus some say Sophocles in one pocket and Keats's poems in the other.